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Easy does Yum 1 – Watermelon, feta and mint salad.

I have this habit of being attracted to cooking PROJECTS. Sourdough breads which requires you to cultivate your own yeast and take care of the starter like a pet by ‘feeding’ it for a 14 day period before you can start the bread itself, my own mozzarella cheese from scratch, home-made pasta… As you can see, complicated techniques, unfamiliar instruments, serious research, study and careful planning before I cook have been the only rules I have followed in life. Read more

Inspired by Goa – Yummy salads to make up for gluttony

Crunchy Goa Coleslaw

Crunchy Goa Coleslaw

Its time to make up for all the Goa gluttony. And just to prove that nobody makes me feel guilt, I have been making salads inspired by Goa. Mustardy coleslaw , watermelon  salad and Spicy Golden Roast Chicken.   Read more

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