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7 steps to the Perfect Roast Chicken

While chicken is not my favourite meat by any standards, I love me a good roast chicken. With the health conscious, kukad loving Atul around and an ongoing effort to eat low carb for dinner, chicken often features on our dinner menu. At home or out, the Punju in the boy asks for chicken. Every. single. time. And so it happens that many a chef has probably, but hopefully not, spat into our order and muttered in frustration; waiter has cursed and co-diners have cringed at how finicky I am about the way I need my chicken done. My excuse is that far more often than not, restaurants serve up tasteless dry leather and call it chicken.. So much so, that roast chicken is one of the dishes I would much rather eat at home than out. Read more

Lazy Holiday Pasta with Roasted Tomato and String Beans

I had to share this with you immediately. Just finished eating a big bowlful of this awesome pasta and the thought of  writing about it makes me want to run right back and finish the meager portion that is remaining. Read more

Chicken and chocolate! (M)ole!

Mole is essentially a mexican chocolate and chilli sauce, meant to be served with meat dishes. And bizzare though that sounds (Atul declared that even though these were his two favourite things, he surely wasnt going to eat this project of mine) its actually a brilliant combination.

Read more

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