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The Konkan Foodie Road Trip – Sign up for this incredible food venture

The more I travel, the more I feel there’s too little time and too many places to go to. So many things to eat and such little stomach space. I love Mumbai but my hearts fickle. Scattered in the many places I’ve been to, longing for the many places I haven’t. In love with the food I know, craving for the food I don’t. Ingredients, traditions, foods waiting to be found, loved, learnt, experienced.


Which is why I’ve been wanting to do this for so long that many have already heard me speak of it – a trip down the beautiful Konkan coast dedicated to experiencing it with locals. Part of my affinity perhaps stems from the fact that the region shares so much in common with Kerala. A canvas of beaches, coconut, fish and cashew that starts in Maharashtra and extends till the lush landscapes of Kerala. The constancy of the landscape and vegetation is enticingly mixed with the gradational changes that come with local traditions, people, language, culture, art, politics..


Conversations with Poornima (a dear friend and co-founder of Enfield Riders) only made me want to discover the Konkan of her childhood she described so tantalisingly – the chickoo, banana, jackfruit and berry tress to climb, hibiscus flowers to pick, fish auctions, the earthenware cooking pots, the backwaters with crocodiles, clean isolated sparkling beaches, coconut palms and so much more. Lucky to call this region her ancestral heritage, we have often spoken on riding down together just to eat and be. So finally after all these years of planning we decided to put our heads, hearts and resources together and put together a trail that’s dedicated to bringing you a bit of Konkan. A hardcore adventure for foodies who love the road.

6 beahc 5 mutton thali


16th, 17th, 18th January 2015

The itinerary – Mumbai – Guhagarh – Sreevardhan – Mumbai

To discover exactly what and how we should go about this, the fantastic team at Enfield Riders and I decided to drive down to the Konkan this week and put together a set of activities that can give us a tried taste of Konkan in the winter – the perfect time to enjoy riding down the beautiful winding roads that lead to the Konkan. The recce was so much fun, we were all loathe to come back. Happily, we did manage to drag ourselves away and bring with us a action packed adventurous itinerary for the three days of this super exciting Foodventure –

  1. Riding to Guhagarh and back under the lush canopy of trees casting dappled shadows, along the beautiful arabian sea
  2. Eating unbelievably beautiful seafood, freshly caught from the region and melting soft thaalis with tender mutton curries
  3. Glimpses of the sea that will transform into an evening on the beautiful beach
  4. An evening by the waters barbecuing local fish and washing it down with freshly tapped maady – toddy of the coconut trees
  5. Visiting to the crazy active fish markets with fresh fish from the Arabian sea being auctioned
  6. Cooking with locals over wood fuelled fires, using fresh produce while learning time honoured recipes
  7. Shopping at the local weekly bazaar where spices mingle with earthenware and copper/brass/aluminium vessels, dried fish, local spices and produce
  8. A sop at Sreevardhan on our way back for a gorgeous meal of the unusual and delicious popti The traditional vegetables, chicken and eggs casserole layered with herbs and baked in a large earthenware pot over an open fire

Three ways you can join us

You don’t have to be a biker to join us for this food venture though bikers will tell you theres no better way to meet the road. You could join us in 3 ways:

1. Rent a bike form Enfield Riders and ride with us

2. Get your own bike or car and join us for the ride

3. Book a seat in the cars we will be taking along or ask us if pillion seats are available with riders.

  • Activities mentioned in the post
  • Meals on 16,17,18 (except for dinner on 18 by when we hope to be back)
  • Accommodation
  • Backup support, mechanics, road captain
  • Biking and food coordinators, local guide

Get Costs and Book NOW

Get in touch with us ASAP to know costs and book. Seats filling up fast.

  1. Call: 9819024086/9821688770/7710024030
  2. Mail:;
  3. Book Online:


7 beahc 4.chulha 3.fruit

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