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Make Your Own Dumplings – Gyoza

Ever since I discovered momos in the Tibetan market outside NID I’ve been in love with dumplings. My accomplice for many a day of heartbreak, joy, depression, hope and a part of the most important lesson I learnt in life – solitude. There’s something just so comforting about dumplings. Read more

Cooking in Penang and a Malay Recipe – Chicken Rendang


The sight and fragrance of the torch ginger flower will now forever remind me of Penang. I was struck by how beautiful this flower is and quickly realised that this is one of the definition defying fragrances that linger all over Penang.

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin about Penang and food. This has been such an amazing revelation. The most incredible thing about the food in Penang is probably the beauty with which the different types of cuisines (Malay, Indian and Chinese) mingle to arrive at myriad variations of delicious ingenious dishes. The abundance of incredible fresh produce, mind-boggling variety of types and cuts of meat and poultry make, range of spices and a whole world of herbs make cooking in Penang an experience of beauty!

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Healing Ginger-Coriander Prawn Soup

I need to tell you guys about Arif’s on Linking Road, across Shoppers Stop in Bandra. This is one fabulous shop. Fabulous as in it has left yours truly with a fabulously empty bank account and one hassled husband (who had been waiting for hours in the hope that I would soon emerge) to deal with. That said, this truly is a heaven sent shop for baking affectionados. They stock most things you would want and I am now a very happy owner or silpat mats, sugar thermometer and a million other treasured goods that I do or do not need besides kilos of dark chocolate. Orgasmic I say!

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