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Citrusy Roasted Plum Cake

I HATE plum cakes. Growing up as a Catholic means that I was brought up on the ritual of family baking during christmas, churning out masses and masses of cake. The house would fill with the baking aroma for days, starting with parents soaking jars and jars of fruits in rum, dad cracking dozens of eggs into a pail, mum caramelising the sugar over the hot stove in Delhi winters, and the best part – having the house to ourselves when the parents were away at the bakery -to come back hours later with endless kilos of plum cakes. Maybe it’s that I hated was having to go to tens of neighbours houses with plates of plum cakes. Or maybe its that the typical christmas cakes with their spicey-sour-fruityness are not my thing – atleast on anyday other than the day they were baked. As plum cakes go, I attest that my mums were the very best. It’s that plums cakes are just not my thing. Read more

Make your own ice cream. Now!!

This one is so damn exciting that we have made this every single day since we discovered it 5 days ago!! A desert that anyone can whip up at a moments notice. Creamy. Melt-in-your-mouth. Smooth. Delicious. Healthy. I was actually jumping up and down and whopping in delight when I first discovered this actually worked! Read more

Of Accidents and Cheese

Sometimes the best things happen by accident, when you wander off from well-made plans and stumble onto ones infinitely better. And so it was that just as we were winding up our mini vacation to Coonnoor, we chanced upon this lovely farm-stay in a beautiful valley. Read more

Me, sexy? I’m just plain old rice and curry!

Sometimes the food before you is so good that despite your best intentions ( I will always remember to click pics before i eat, i will always eat slowly, chew my food thoroughly and not eat like that’s my last meal for the rest of my life etc etc) before you know it, you have broken every single food related rule you have set for yourself. And sometimes, it’s soo good that you change your mind and decide to click pics anyways, after you have eaten, bad light, dirty plate (or leaf) and all! And sometimes it just soooo ridiculously good, that as you travel away from the restaurant, you fish out your tablet…because you just HAVE to write about it and stretch that experience just that bit longer. Your fingers practically fly and your happy tummy does the writing!

So this meal I had… The one which was sooooooo good was a quick little snatched thaali at Nandana in Bangalore while on a fly through teaching trip.. All by myself in the simple dimly lit restaurant, just before I rush to the airport, I knew the food would be good. But I never imagined it would be SO good!

The star for me… The chutni powder…. Mixed with rice and glistening rivers of ghee, this is the stuff of dreams. I can’t begin to capture the flavour in words…creamy? Nutty? Spicy, salty…I started the meal with this yummyness  and then HAD to end it with it too. And then I had to have yet another helping. With 3 helping of ghee ofcourse… And yes, thank you, if you have some more, I’ll take that too.

The sambar, rasam, dal…. Sigh!

Relishes … Really, pickle can be THAT good?

The rice… fluffy, white..Oh the grains of pure bliss

So the best meal I had in a long long time was a quick snatched affair, in a little place, part of a restuarant chain, cost me 90 rs and took precisely 2 minutes to arrive. Don’t remind me I said this..but, gourmet shmourmet, baking shmaking be damned i say!! Nothing beats hot rice, chutney and ghee. Best of all, on a lone evening, all by yourself, with no one to distract you. Just you… And heaven!

Basil And lemon Scented Sweet Corn Pancakes

Now that I cook and blog through life, sunday mornings are lie-in, slow-to-start days. As opposed to earlier when weekends were when I satisfied my weeklong craving to cook and bake, and so weekends meant marathon cooking sessions, I now look to put together something simple but fun enough for Sundays. Large greasy english breakfasts are welcome, eggs benedict’s and waffles are a staple. This Sunday, having hoarded a big lot of sweet corn, wanting to use it up but also have something fun, I adapted one of the recent recipes I had noticed on the Smitten Kitchen blog to make it healthier (more whole wheat) and fragrant (basil and lemon). And then proceeded to contradict that by smothering it in loads of butter and honey before gorging it all up! Try it.. Read more

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