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Chili with chocolate and chorizo

IMG_0307I am not sure if this dish will get the love it deserves. It’s not pretty. Definitely not photogenic. And there aren’t any pictures for me to show you how luscious the texture is. How thick and dark it is when plated. What’s more, this is chocolate and meat! Everyone loves these two separately and yet most people will wrinkle their noses and shake their head in disgust at the thought of their pairing. But this doomed couple – I tell you, they make a great pair. You may call me kooky, but I think chocolate has a lot to bring to this marriage. Anyway, I love kooky, and the mole was one of the first dishes on this blog. And I bet being paired with meat makes chocolate feel good too. Who wouldn’t get bored of being slotted? Read more

Breads Galore and Discovering Pico

Its been raining breads here at BC and before I forget, I had better share two new finds. Chilli oil from Pico and a much planned and awaited bread recipe – for the Black Russian Bread.


Read more

Easy does Yum 1 – Watermelon, feta and mint salad.

I have this habit of being attracted to cooking PROJECTS. Sourdough breads which requires you to cultivate your own yeast and take care of the starter like a pet by ‘feeding’ it for a 14 day period before you can start the bread itself, my own mozzarella cheese from scratch, home-made pasta… As you can see, complicated techniques, unfamiliar instruments, serious research, study and careful planning before I cook have been the only rules I have followed in life. Read more

Peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes on a wet wet day

Waking up to the wet wet day that was yesterday, looking out of the window…  for the first time after a long while, the Mumbai rains looked beautiful. We had been looking forward to watching the rains in our new house and the first sight of the day as I opened my eyes was the Bougainvillea, Jasmine and Raat ki raani that had burst into bloom. Read more

What’s been cooking when I havent been cooking

Its been ages since I have written. 6 months to be precise and so much has happened since then. I quit working with Indigo Consulting after  4 years of working with the best team in the world, we bought a new house, did a trial catering run with Bombay Chowparty, registered the house, tore it apart and put it together again while I stayed at friends for a couple of months. And finally we moved into our new home.  Read more

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