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Chili with chocolate and chorizo

IMG_0307I am not sure if this dish will get the love it deserves. It’s not pretty. Definitely not photogenic. And there aren’t any pictures for me to show you how luscious the texture is. How thick and dark it is when plated. What’s more, this is chocolate and meat! Everyone loves these two separately and yet most people will wrinkle their noses and shake their head in disgust at the thought of their pairing. But this doomed couple – I tell you, they make a great pair. You may call me kooky, but I think chocolate has a lot to bring to this marriage. Anyway, I love kooky, and the mole was one of the first dishes on this blog. And I bet being paired with meat makes chocolate feel good too. Who wouldn’t get bored of being slotted? Read more

Quick omelet muffins for breakfast

Breakfast Omlette Muffins

Breakfast Omlette Muffins

It was a chance encounter. I was flirting with the idea of making something quick, pretty and easy. The idea was to hoodwink Atul into eating something I cook without worrying about how much butter it had. We love eggs and I am always looking at interesting ways to cook eggs that are new and enticing. So I threw together eggs and what I had on hand and baked them in muffin pans. Read more

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