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The Spice Bread Rises – In a swirl of orange and cinnamon

Another guest post by Meryl the self-confessed bread un-lover. Now obviously that is more than I can digest. Even if it’s the last thing I do, I have made a solemn promise to the God of breads that this little girl is soon going to be a fellow bread worshipper. So did the orange cinnamon bread convert her? Hmmm … let’s just say I spied someone quietly wolfing down some homemade bread instead of rice for lunch yesterday!!
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On a (cinnamon) roll

Namrata with one of her many many trophies

I think I haven’t really written about my friend Namrata before. Which is funny given how much a part of each others life we are. Here in Bombay, where the line between family and friends is very blurry, Namrata and Kanu are both family and friends to us.

This year, she has pretty much swept away every single awards there is to be bagged for an editor in the Indian film industry. This, after less than 3 years of leaving film school…

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