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Cheesy Bacon and Pepper Pull Aparts

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First off, thanks a bunch for helping spread the word and for the fabulous response to the Bread Workshop. I am delighted to let you know that the super response and additional requests have lead me to open up one more day for the workshop – the 17th of February. Read more about the Workshop Announcement, here  and do write in to me ( to book your spot soon.

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Crazy for Bacon Chilli Caramel Popcorn

I don’t really know why but there seems to be something about boys and caramel pop-corn. Don’t get me wrong.. I know enough girls who like caramel popcorn but the boys I know are crazy about this stuff. Stark raving crazy. They will actually go watch a film JUST to eat the caramel popcorn. And actively check their mental rating sheet on which theatre serve the best stuff. And choose a film based on the theater that serves the corn they like. And this is film-makers I am talking about. Like I said. Craaazy. for caramel popcorn I mean. Ahem. Read more

Crunchy Caramelised Fish with Lemon Chilli and Garlic

(From Meryl) Every now and again, I crave home food and fish is a big part of that. At home, we eat some kind of fish fry/curry almost everyday. My mom’s crispy, fried sardines and anchovies are a staple at dinner every night. The red, spicy fish curry that my father insists on having with tapioca or rice with hot tea. (Yes, TEA and Fish!!) My aunt’s famous pickled fish. In my opinion, there is never a time or reason to not have fish.

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