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Irfan bhai style Eggs on Eggs

IMG_1677We always have plenty of eggs at home. Less than 5 and I start panicking for so many reasons..Because they are the backbone of baking, because there are so many ways you can use them to rustle up a quick yummy meal (3 cheese, herb and garlic omelet or a creamy scrambled with toast; poached till soft and runny in a burritos with home fries, peppers, white cheese and BBQ sauce; fried into a parantha; half boiled with toast soldiers to dunk; whisked with flour and milk for crepes or yogurt for pancakes, Spanish omelet with potatoes and onions, added to rice for a stir fry..). And most importantly, because eggs are one sure shot way to make Atul happy. Read more

Real Bread.2 – Whole Wheat Breads and Beyond

Follow the smell of freshly baked bread and you will find yourself at the doorstep of endless possibilities. Fresh baked bread, right out of the oven is in itself a treasure beyond comparison and an experience everybody deserves to have atleast once in their life. Even more incredible is what you can do with it – rustle up a comforting sandwich or a gourmet one, serve with sides of delicious dips, make yourself a picnic with cheese, meat and roasted fruit, layer up some kickass crostini, bake a lovely caramelised asian style toast.. sky is the limit. But imagine knowing that the bread you baked yourself, is healthy, nutritious and includes whole grain..

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Chili with chocolate and chorizo

IMG_0307I am not sure if this dish will get the love it deserves. It’s not pretty. Definitely not photogenic. And there aren’t any pictures for me to show you how luscious the texture is. How thick and dark it is when plated. What’s more, this is chocolate and meat! Everyone loves these two separately and yet most people will wrinkle their noses and shake their head in disgust at the thought of their pairing. But this doomed couple – I tell you, they make a great pair. You may call me kooky, but I think chocolate has a lot to bring to this marriage. Anyway, I love kooky, and the mole was one of the first dishes on this blog. And I bet being paired with meat makes chocolate feel good too. Who wouldn’t get bored of being slotted? Read more

QuickCook – Spaghetti with golden breadcrumbs, herbs and shallots

IMG_1486I totally owe the fact that this post is up right now to Shanti from Riot of Flavours and my friend from NID, Meera Naidu. Honestly, I am notorious about procrastinating posts. Mainly because I want to tell you everything behind the recipe I am sharing – the story, the day, the mood, the flavour, the way the sun was shining, who said what…. crispness is not my best suite. But then you probably already know that. In the zeal to tell you everything I can, I end up taking far too much time to put up a post. Not this time though. Today, these two ladies kept me straight on facebook and even as I type, I am racing to ensure they have the recipe by dinner. Shanti, Meera, I hope you guys eat well tonight 🙂 Read more

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