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Hot Chocolate and its cohort – Churros

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Do you remember the first time that you heard of ‘hot chocolate’? I do. It was in an obscure restaurant in Muradabad where my dad was posted. I was about 8 and mom, didi (elder sister) and I were visiting my dad during Diwali. I was excited about getting a much longed for glimpse of the world (and food) outside the protective circle of home and family.  So when we went out for a meal to a local restaurant in Muradabad,  I almost died of excitement when I discovered the words ‘hot chocolate’ on the menu. I bet atleast some of you have had this moment – of hearing the worlds HOT CHOCOLATE and then logically visualising gooey, rich, thick, dark chocolate as a hot luscious drink. It’s what any sane kid would do, right? A dark brown river of joy.. all my favourite books, toys and tv shows rolled into one and much much more. A prodigal moment even. A heralder of all the good things that growing up and consequently the freedom to eat out would mean. Read more

5 easy ways to dress up your daily bread

IMG_7231I looooove freshly baked bread and as a consequence we always have an abundance of it at our home. Which maybe also why I am always on the look out for new simple ways to eat good bread. Great bread actually needs not much else to make a fantastic meal. But there are always some bread ‘dos’ that invariably works well, are super easy to put together and allow the bread along with other simple fresh ingredients to shine. Here are the top 5 of my current favourites.. Read more

Easy does Yum 3 – Instant Baked Potatos with Creamy Scrambled Eggs

I LOVE mashed potatoes but then who doesn’t? On the other hand, I have never been much impressed with baked potatoes..till recently when I had one at the Indigo Cafe in Andheri. Holy Moly… it was incredible. The sour cream dripping over the moist, fluffy potatoes were so good, they totally overshadowed the fabulous pulled pork burger which, by the way, is to die for in the first place. (So much so, that even as I type this, Atul who is peering over my shoulder, threatens to start a rival blog dedicated to his beloved burger) Read more

Easy does Yum 2 – Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal


Breakfast is my favourite meal to plan ahead and have great fun projects with. Waffles, eggs benedict, sweet breads – if you have time, inclination and inspiration, there is much you can do to prepare a fun breakfast. More often than not though, breakfast is a matter of ‘has to happen’ and needs to come together in an instant to feed the hungry mouth that has fallen out of bed (or returned from a run) and wants his breakfast NOW. Read more

Basil And lemon Scented Sweet Corn Pancakes

Now that I cook and blog through life, sunday mornings are lie-in, slow-to-start days. As opposed to earlier when weekends were when I satisfied my weeklong craving to cook and bake, and so weekends meant marathon cooking sessions, I now look to put together something simple but fun enough for Sundays. Large greasy english breakfasts are welcome, eggs benedict’s and waffles are a staple. This Sunday, having hoarded a big lot of sweet corn, wanting to use it up but also have something fun, I adapted one of the recent recipes I had noticed on the Smitten Kitchen blog to make it healthier (more whole wheat) and fragrant (basil and lemon). And then proceeded to contradict that by smothering it in loads of butter and honey before gorging it all up! Try it.. Read more

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