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Cheesy Bacon and Pepper Pull Aparts

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First off, thanks a bunch for helping spread the word and for the fabulous response to the Bread Workshop. I am delighted to let you know that the super response and additional requests have lead me to open up one more day for the workshop – the 17th of February. Read more about the Workshop Announcement, here  and do write in to me ( to book your spot soon.

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Crazy for Bacon Chilli Caramel Popcorn

I don’t really know why but there seems to be something about boys and caramel pop-corn. Don’t get me wrong.. I know enough girls who like caramel popcorn but the boys I know are crazy about this stuff. Stark raving crazy. They will actually go watch a film JUST to eat the caramel popcorn. And actively check their mental rating sheet on which theatre serve the best stuff. And choose a film based on the theater that serves the corn they like. And this is film-makers I am talking about. Like I said. Craaazy. for caramel popcorn I mean. Ahem. Read more

Life Changing Meatloaf

I am going to cut to the chase quickly on this one. Last week I baked meatloaf. It changed me forever. I discovered that the online mafia and everyone else (not sure who these people are) who say that meatloaves are dry tasteless bricks lie. Only Caroline is right. Meatloaves can be manna. A good one transformative. A great one.. can turn the house into an asylum. Read more

Quick healthy dinner – Sweet potato hash with runny eggs

Dinner is anyways a bit of a haphazard meal at our place with all the comings and goings, no carb, low-fat, high protein and many other ideas for a healthy life floating around. After much deliberation, I have decided that dinners at our house MUST be delicious, surprising, satisfying but light. Unfortunately by the time its evening, much enthusiasm has drained and along with all the deliberated resolve. If only self restraint was one of my virtues. Alas!! Read more

And then, she took out a pear

This is a guest post by Meryl, my talented little sister who has come to Mumbai to figure out life, studies, career and get a break from all those things too.. life, career, studies.. Between being the bullied guinea-pig, working out what she wants to do next, watching television, being subject to endless discussions on food, force-fed every half an hour and being the sous-chef, she sweetly volunteered to write a post for Bombay Chow-party. I am sure you wont miss me.. 🙂 Read more

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