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From Penang – My first day, in pics


I am travelling alone after ages. Was looking forward to the trip with mixed emotions.  Excited to travel, sample some new food and be on my own for a change and also sad I couldn’t share the experience with Atul. I know that’s contradictory but that’s exactly how it felt. One thing I wasn’t.. atleast to start with.. was anxious. Having travelled on my own extensively, there wasn’t much to be worried about I thought. Read more

Hot Chocolate and its cohort – Churros

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Do you remember the first time that you heard of ‘hot chocolate’? I do. It was in an obscure restaurant in Muradabad where my dad was posted. I was about 8 and mom, didi (elder sister) and I were visiting my dad during Diwali. I was excited about getting a much longed for glimpse of the world (and food) outside the protective circle of home and family.  So when we went out for a meal to a local restaurant in Muradabad,  I almost died of excitement when I discovered the words ‘hot chocolate’ on the menu. I bet atleast some of you have had this moment – of hearing the worlds HOT CHOCOLATE and then logically visualising gooey, rich, thick, dark chocolate as a hot luscious drink. It’s what any sane kid would do, right? A dark brown river of joy.. all my favourite books, toys and tv shows rolled into one and much much more. A prodigal moment even. A heralder of all the good things that growing up and consequently the freedom to eat out would mean. Read more

Some rooting and my favourite Mutton Curry

IMG_0247There are some days for me when NOTHING hits the spot like a really good Indian curry. Not a generic add an MDH masala curry but the real deal. Made from scratch. Like a good fish curry. Mom style. Red, fiery, coconutty, tangy…with shiny curry leaves, crackling mustard seeds and plenty of spice.

Read more

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