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Brown Butter Hazelnut Cake – The Changeling

This is about a hazelnut cake that lead the life of a the Bollywood film, Highway. The concept started out distinctly exciting, baked into a bit of a disappointment before then surprisingly redeeming itself at the end. What a deceptive little fellow, this.

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Vetekrans – For butter or worse.

photo (14)After ages, I felt like myself in the kitchen yesterday. That is to say, like a baking obsessed maniac. Cooking up a storm for no rhyme or reason, with no mouths to feed. A massive cinnamon and cardamom wreath, an absolutely fantastic lunch of noodles with mango and aubergines with an abundance of herbs (which I must share just cos it was so so good), and a creamy meaty gravy with what I hoped would be tender, flaky biscuits that heartbreakingly turned out to be flat, slightly bitter slabs of sorrow. And last night, in my zeal and determination to give myself and the world a delicious, easy, true 100 percent whole wheat recipe, I found the night turn into morning in a whirl of time-lapse as my brain and laptop kept ticking.  Read more

When baking gets peachy

I’ve long been a fan of Dorie Greenspans Dimply plum cake and when I recently saw an enormously tempting pic Rutvika Charegaonkar had posted on Facebook, I knew I had to rustle this one again ASAP.


Now, when I need to bake, I need to do bake and not having any plums wasn’t going to stop me either. To kill two birds with one stone, I decided to use up some peaches that I wasn’t in the mood to eat as God (pr Man) made them. After all, fruit MUST be consumed. Everyday.


To take the whole thing up a notch and accentuate the peaches, I ditched the cardamom and vanilla and replaced them with 2tsp finely chopped basil leaves, 4 cloves, zest of 2 limes and half an orange. The eureka moment for me, though was when I held above four together in my hand, trying to smell them together and get a sense of wether I thought it would work. Did you know that cloves have a note that distinctly echoes the spicy notes of basil? And this is the same note that brings out some complexity in peaches! Meanwhile, citrus , especially lime underlines the fresh tart sweet juiciness of the fruit. How can this not be exciting? It’s such joy to see what flavour combinations can do. The fragrance of the cake alone was payoff enough and the layers of aromas, more delicious because of the unusual herbiness of basil. Perhaps it was the citrus and spice combo but for me, this cake tasted distinctly of Christmas.
Suffice to say, this is a much better way to eat peaches.

Do check out the recipe on Smitten Kitchens blog.

A return to baking, my first love

So after aaages, I’ve started baking again. And for all my intolerances, one thing is clear. Not much makes me as bone deep, soul warmingly happy as making a delicious dessert does. Not even eating it. I’ve missed baking far too much.

It’s time to start again. And the trick perhaps is, that I don’t need to eat it myself, just find mouths to feed?


This confection inspired by one of the recipes in food52, made of layers of rich coffee flavoured cake and cinnamon meringue that sandwich some amazingly luxurious pastry cream was an exciting return to my oven.

All in all, I thought the dessert was a splendid idea but I confess I feel the cake layer were not exactly what I wanted. To do justice to the medley of beautiful flavours, the crackly, crunchy, nutty-sweet cinnamon layer of meringue and the silky banana-ey custard, the cake needs to either be lighter or crunchier. So that’s the plan for the next trial. And if all goes well, I know this will be one of the unusual, stunning desserts I’ve made. And perhaps one day, you can order it from Bombay Chowparty?


Real Bread.2 – Whole Wheat Breads and Beyond

Follow the smell of freshly baked bread and you will find yourself at the doorstep of endless possibilities. Fresh baked bread, right out of the oven is in itself a treasure beyond comparison and an experience everybody deserves to have atleast once in their life. Even more incredible is what you can do with it – rustle up a comforting sandwich or a gourmet one, serve with sides of delicious dips, make yourself a picnic with cheese, meat and roasted fruit, layer up some kickass crostini, bake a lovely caramelised asian style toast.. sky is the limit. But imagine knowing that the bread you baked yourself, is healthy, nutritious and includes whole grain..

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