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The only Ice-cream recipe you will ever need

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A good vanilla ice cream is a thing of great joy. Use seeds freshly scraped from a pod and you have the most delicate but beautifully flavoured dessert – The perfect accompaniment to a warm piece of pie or a bowl of fruit.

When I think back to the time I spent in US, my memory of this summery day in Baltimore sometimes comes back to haunt me. To soothe my lonely broken heart I had decided to walk home so I could spend the last dollar I had on me, at an icecream parlour I had been eyeing for a long time. Taking on every decadent topping imaginable, I ordered the largest serving I could and longingly watched the server mix up the loot deliciously. Every moment of the complicated mixing process elevated my sense of anticipation and excitement till I finally got the treasure in my own hands and walked out with my trophy… only to trip on the doorstep. I can still see that ice cream cone in graphic detail – spinning in slow motion and then laying splattered at my feet…all before I could get a single lick. Yep, greed goeth before a fall.

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