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My Favourite Mango Salad

This is a simple, absolutely delicious one bowl meal that I discovered only at the fag end of the mango season. I know its a bit strange of me to be posting it now when there are hardly any mangoes in sight but this is such a lovely dish that I want to document it… just so I can come back to it next year. Infact I am already waiting for next year just so I can have the salad again. Though I fell in love with it because of how tasty it is with its fabulous medley of fresh flavours, this is actually a very healthy dish as well. Perfect for summer with the coolness of the cucumber, the soft bite of the nutritious barley, the sweetness of delicious indian mangoes, lovely freshness of the spring onions and coriander; and nutty salty crunch from the peanuts, you can throw it together pretty easily! Read more

Fragrant fresh tomato sauce and a gluten free pasta solution


Here is a quick pasta dish that is one of my favourites. Now you could easily make this with Durum Wheat or even Whole Wheat Pasta (Spaghetti would be ideal) but these pastas ofcourse have gluten in them and from my recent ranting post  you will know what treachery gluten has done unto me. What’s more, most pastas that claim to be Gluten Free have Corn and unfortunately that’s something else that I am allergic too. But pasta is one thing I am absolutely NOT ready to give up on. Infact that’s one of my pet projects that I have planned. Making GF pasta at home from scratch. I have even worked out a flour blend that should work. Yippee! For now. when I need a quick fix, I have taken to making pasta with Thai rice noodles. And to my absolute delight, cooked al- dente, they worked pretty well! Read more

QuickCook – Spaghetti with golden breadcrumbs, herbs and shallots

IMG_1486I totally owe the fact that this post is up right now to Shanti from Riot of Flavours and my friend from NID, Meera Naidu. Honestly, I am notorious about procrastinating posts. Mainly because I want to tell you everything behind the recipe I am sharing – the story, the day, the mood, the flavour, the way the sun was shining, who said what…. crispness is not my best suite. But then you probably already know that. In the zeal to tell you everything I can, I end up taking far too much time to put up a post. Not this time though. Today, these two ladies kept me straight on facebook and even as I type, I am racing to ensure they have the recipe by dinner. Shanti, Meera, I hope you guys eat well tonight 🙂 Read more

Easy does Yum 4 – Microwave potato chips and a creamy yogurt dip

I used to be crazy about potato chips. Not all but a particular variety. To be specific  the thin, almost transparent type that we used to get at the Delhi halwais. The variety you don’t get anymore. Infact a couple of years back, I bought 10 packs of chips from various shops in Mumbai (yes, I can get crazy like that) in my quest for the perfect chip..alas, to no avail. The fancy packaged ones never do it for me. And nor do the local ones anymore. The ones that I crave were really really thin, translucent and had oil bubbles trapped in it (yes..they were gross, greasy and utterly yummy), and NEVER flat. Instead these were all messily folded and ruffled up … As a kid I would go to birthday parties (this was the best place to find these) just to scarf these down in huge quantities (and I was still a reed thin kid…damn the injustice of it) and then at NID, I would buy and eat 250 gms worth of these every single day for a whole year (which is what caused me to put on those 10 kilos in 6 months). Ask my friend Kritika. She never lets me forget it.  Read more

Deep, earthy, creative and subtle – the spirit of Sarson ka saag

Makkai ki roti, sarson ka saag, gud aur piyaz. That has to be the point of winter

One of the reasons that God made winter. Makkai ki roti, sarson ka saag, gud aur piyaz. (Cornmeal flatbread, Mustard greens, Jaggery and Onions).

You know its kind of strange that of all the communities in this world, I ended up marrying a Punjabi. My childhood was  a strange relationship with the Punju community.  A love-curiosity-disdain mix. Jealous disdain probably because all my Punju school mates had so much more fun than I did with my convent school-catholic-well brought up mallu self did. Read more

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