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Chocolate and Bread. Babka!

Long long ago, in a far far away world (Auroville), a great friend told me that eating chocolate between two slices of bread and walking by the rocky stormy sea in France was one of his favourite things to do. I used to love the stories that Emmanuel told me. But even more, what I loved was the surprising realization that I could so feel so comfortable and at ease with someone from a culture so alien and unfamiliar. It felt like magic.  That country, language, upbringing did not define friendships but people did felt like a great gift. 

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Re-discovering apples – cake and fritters

The apple hamper

Anti clockwise, starting from bottom left: Cripps Pink, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, Braeburn

To my great delight the folks at Washington Apple Commission sent me a nice apple hamper with seven distinct variety of apples. The hamper included apples in all variety of shapes and colours, packaged in a lovely box worthy of princely jewelery; and was a revelation to me. My guess is that I have probably eaten almost all of these at some point or the other.  Not being a great apple fan though, I never really paid enough attention. All I knew was that in general I don’t seem to like apples most of the times and the ones I do tend to be sweet, tart and also crisp. Read more

Bacon, Banana, Peanut Butter – Elvis’s Favourite Sandwich

Elvis once flew more than 800 miles just to eat a sandwich. He had discovered a sandwich outside denver and apparently didn’t just want to describe it to his friends..he decided he wanted them to taste it. So he had his private jet fuelled up, someone called ahead to the restaurant, and they flew out to Denver. In the middle of the night.  The sandwiches were delivered to the hangar. The much loved and soon famous sandwich was the Fools Gold. Read more

Restaurant Review – @ the Table during restaurant week

Yum Yum Yum-- the chicken took wings

Yum Yum Yum-- the chicken took wings

The second restaurant week in Mumbai Kicked off on Feb 6th this year.  Having booked ourselves at a few restaurants on the restaurant week website; we landed at The Table in Colaba. Frankly we had chosen The table just because we didn’t see many other options available that day and going all the way to town seemed more eventish.

To start with, greedy as we are, the four of us (Atul, Kanu, namrata and I) decided that we would order different things and share so that each one of us could eat everything and we would end up eating as many things as possible…

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Living by Bread alone..yes, possible.

I know I started off saying I will be posting everyday but as is typically, as soon as I had decided that, I fell ill. Of-course I did! The most important things is that I finally realized what an important role Oxygen plays in our life. I see life differently now. Air pollution, erosion of the Ozone layer, global warming.. I think I see a bit of what they mean. I have to admit I have always selfishly thought that all the conspiracies are true but never really been too bothered. But when you gasp for breath and see parts of yourself turn an unflattering shade of blue, see your lips and hands and legs quiver and imagine that you will now only get posthumous recognition for your undiscovered talents; you realize how much difference this unseen, intangible substance can make. Read more

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