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Posts tagged ‘Peanut Butter’

Peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes on a wet wet day

Waking up to the wet wet day that was yesterday, looking out of the window…  for the first time after a long while, the Mumbai rains looked beautiful. We had been looking forward to watching the rains in our new house and the first sight of the day as I opened my eyes was the Bougainvillea, Jasmine and Raat ki raani that had burst into bloom. Read more

Bacon, Banana, Peanut Butter – Elvis’s Favourite Sandwich

Elvis once flew more than 800 miles just to eat a sandwich. He had discovered a sandwich outside denver and apparently didn’t just want to describe it to his friends..he decided he wanted them to taste it. So he had his private jet fuelled up, someone called ahead to the restaurant, and they flew out to Denver. In the middle of the night.  The sandwiches were delivered to the hangar. The much loved and soon famous sandwich was the Fools Gold. Read more

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