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Mango and Coconut dos leches cake


I thought this one was going to be my nemesis. 3 tries and as much heartbreak. Could this actually be a mirage. All those people on the internet claiming that this was the best cake in the world. Was it all a conspiracy? Not yet ready to give up on the inherent honesty of all things sweet, milky and cakey, I kept on. … and 3 cakes later, oh I am so so glad I did.

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Peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes on a wet wet day

Waking up to the wet wet day that was yesterday, looking out of the window…  for the first time after a long while, the Mumbai rains looked beautiful. We had been looking forward to watching the rains in our new house and the first sight of the day as I opened my eyes was the Bougainvillea, Jasmine and Raat ki raani that had burst into bloom. Read more

Learning to ‘wing it’ with my favourite roast vegies pasta

Roast vegetables with spagetti

My very first childhood memory is of cooking from a recipe. And ever since I can remember, recipes have inspired me to cook. When accompanied by pics of illustrations, they take me captive.. enamoured, mesmerism, bewitch me. I become their person. Over time my ways of finding and evaluating recipes have changed. What hasn’t changed though is a bit of a demon that takes over when I follow recipes. I have been known to walk for an hour to get the exact ingredient I want, wait for months to get and use the equipment I need. Any deviation from a recipe..a quarter of a spoon more or less… unsifted flour instead of sifted, dark chocolate instead of milk, walnuts instead of pecans would drive me crazy…cause nightmares, cause sleepless nights and leave me feeling undone. Read more

What’s been cooking when I havent been cooking

Its been ages since I have written. 6 months to be precise and so much has happened since then. I quit working with Indigo Consulting after  4 years of working with the best team in the world, we bought a new house, did a trial catering run with Bombay Chowparty, registered the house, tore it apart and put it together again while I stayed at friends for a couple of months. And finally we moved into our new home.  Read more

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