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Strawberry, Chocolate and Lemon Meringue Stack

photo-8I’ve been on a meringue phase oflate. It’s this recipe from Smitten Kitchen that set me off. The cookies are absolutely unlike others I have ever eaten and if you can get hold of hazelnuts to replace the walnuts, I tell you they maybe one of the best cookies in the world. But the best part was that these cookies made me get past my one previous experience with meringues and realise that the magical foam of just egg white and sugar lends itself to an amazing variety of desserts but .

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Hot Chocolate and its cohort – Churros

photo (30)

Do you remember the first time that you heard of ‘hot chocolate’? I do. It was in an obscure restaurant in Muradabad where my dad was posted. I was about 8 and mom, didi (elder sister) and I were visiting my dad during Diwali. I was excited about getting a much longed for glimpse of the world (and food) outside the protective circle of home and family.  So when we went out for a meal to a local restaurant in Muradabad,  I almost died of excitement when I discovered the words ‘hot chocolate’ on the menu. I bet atleast some of you have had this moment – of hearing the worlds HOT CHOCOLATE and then logically visualising gooey, rich, thick, dark chocolate as a hot luscious drink. It’s what any sane kid would do, right? A dark brown river of joy.. all my favourite books, toys and tv shows rolled into one and much much more. A prodigal moment even. A heralder of all the good things that growing up and consequently the freedom to eat out would mean. Read more

Peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes on a wet wet day

Waking up to the wet wet day that was yesterday, looking out of the window…  for the first time after a long while, the Mumbai rains looked beautiful. We had been looking forward to watching the rains in our new house and the first sight of the day as I opened my eyes was the Bougainvillea, Jasmine and Raat ki raani that had burst into bloom. Read more

Bombay Chowparty’s Mini Truffle Bags at Placid’s Salon, Khar

Placids Salon, Khar is giving away some of these sample mini chocolate truffle bags. Many thanks to Placid, who by the way runs a kick-ass hair salon, one of my favorites in Mumbai – and that is despite being much patronized by Bollywood stars. Drop in on a weekend and expect to brush shoulders with Genelia or Shilpa at your visit…

Hope some of you get to try. Here is a hasty pic with bad lighting. (Mind you this is temporary packing..still working on the logo, identity, packaging details…)

Taking the plunge – Order deliciousness from Bombay Chow-party!

The past three months have been a huge turning point for Bombay Chowparty. Invisible as that clearly has been on the blog (ahem..).. Read more

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