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Crunchy Granola Bars


Keeping with the New Years theme of trying to be healthier and fitter, I decided it’s time to make granola bars. I love granola bars. I think they are the perfect snack. Healthy but just a bit indulgent. Win-win all round. Having made loads of different granola bar recipes over the last few years, I had hit on the perfect recipe last year. However, me being me, I lost the recipe. (Yes, I know. Its ridiculous. I’ve spent the better part of the last few months kicking myself.) Meanwhile Atul had been asking for these – only about a gazillion times. The only way to rectify the situation and regain my self-respect seemed that I puzzle out the recipe again.

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Make Your Own Dumplings – Gyoza

Ever since I discovered momos in the Tibetan market outside NID I’ve been in love with dumplings. My accomplice for many a day of heartbreak, joy, depression, hope and a part of the most important lesson I learnt in life – solitude. There’s something just so comforting about dumplings. Read more

Kokonda and learnings for a gluten and dairy free life

This new gluten free life has lead to a whole bunch of new things.  Everyday it gets more and more obvious that my previous best friends gluten and dairy were stabbing me in the back all the while that we were swinging hands happily making bread and slathering them with herbed butter. Since I’ve turned my back on them, my allergies have all but disappeared, stomach ailments and breathing problems I have dealt with for a long time now are miraculously receding, skin texture has changed, hair is better and I’m losing weight. So it’s really not all bad at all. Read more

7 steps to the Perfect Roast Chicken

While chicken is not my favourite meat by any standards, I love me a good roast chicken. With the health conscious, kukad loving Atul around and an ongoing effort to eat low carb for dinner, chicken often features on our dinner menu. At home or out, the Punju in the boy asks for chicken. Every. single. time. And so it happens that many a chef has probably, but hopefully not, spat into our order and muttered in frustration; waiter has cursed and co-diners have cringed at how finicky I am about the way I need my chicken done. My excuse is that far more often than not, restaurants serve up tasteless dry leather and call it chicken.. So much so, that roast chicken is one of the dishes I would much rather eat at home than out. Read more

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