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Real Bread.2 – Whole Wheat Breads and Beyond

Follow the smell of freshly baked bread and you will find yourself at the doorstep of endless possibilities. Fresh baked bread, right out of the oven is in itself a treasure beyond comparison and an experience everybody deserves to have atleast once in their life. Even more incredible is what you can do with it – rustle up a comforting sandwich or a gourmet one, serve with sides of delicious dips, make yourself a picnic with cheese, meat and roasted fruit, layer up some kickass crostini, bake a lovely caramelised asian style toast.. sky is the limit. But imagine knowing that the bread you baked yourself, is healthy, nutritious and includes whole grain..

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Create Workshop 2 – Delicious Weekdays

Weekdays can be cruel. Long, tedious, tiring, and repetitive. No wonder the meals get boring and predictable too. And yet, there are so many scrumptious little secrets that can help you quickly dish out new, unusual and delicious meals that do justice to how hard you work and painfully you travel (in Mumbai at-least . The Create Delicious Weekdays workshop will teach you versatile recipes and simple techniques that are a whole lot of fun but will also change the way you cook so that rustling up that weekday meal is a snap. And absolutely delicious too.

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What’s been cooking when I havent been cooking

Its been ages since I have written. 6 months to be precise and so much has happened since then. I quit working with Indigo Consulting after  4 years of working with the best team in the world, we bought a new house, did a trial catering run with Bombay Chowparty, registered the house, tore it apart and put it together again while I stayed at friends for a couple of months. And finally we moved into our new home.  Read more

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