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Crunchy Caramelised Fish with Lemon Chilli and Garlic

(From Meryl) Every now and again, I crave home food and fish is a big part of that. At home, we eat some kind of fish fry/curry almost everyday. My mom’s crispy, fried sardines and anchovies are a staple at dinner every night. The red, spicy fish curry that my father insists on having with tapioca or rice with hot tea. (Yes, TEA and Fish!!) My aunt’s famous pickled fish. In my opinion, there is never a time or reason to not have fish.

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And then, she took out a pear

This is a guest post by Meryl, my talented little sister who has come to Mumbai to figure out life, studies, career and get a break from all those things too.. life, career, studies.. Between being the bullied guinea-pig, working out what she wants to do next, watching television, being subject to endless discussions on food, force-fed every half an hour and being the sous-chef, she sweetly volunteered to write a post for Bombay Chow-party. I am sure you wont miss me.. 🙂 Read more

Lazy Holiday Pasta with Roasted Tomato and String Beans

I had to share this with you immediately. Just finished eating a big bowlful of this awesome pasta and the thought of  writing about it makes me want to run right back and finish the meager portion that is remaining. Read more

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