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Healing Ginger-Coriander Prawn Soup

I need to tell you guys about Arif’s on Linking Road, across Shoppers Stop in Bandra. This is one fabulous shop. Fabulous as in it has left yours truly with a fabulously empty bank account and one hassled husband (who had been waiting for hours in the hope that I would soon emerge) to deal with. That said, this truly is a heaven sent shop for baking affectionados. They stock most things you would want and I am now a very happy owner or silpat mats, sugar thermometer and a million other treasured goods that I do or do not need besides kilos of dark chocolate. Orgasmic I say!

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Yummy dinner chicken salad

I have this memory of eating some amazing Chicken Salad at the Auroville Visitors Center Cafe. Ever since then I have been trying to recreate it without getting as close as I would like. While there is no reason why mayo, chicken and potatoes thrown together in any format will not taste good, I haven’t quite hit the exact taste I remember. This week I tried yet another recipe. Here is what I found..
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Make your own Irish Creme (Bailey’s) now!

This is so exciting! People, listen up. Do yourself a favour. Run to the liquor store if you do not have good quality whisky at home and blend up this crazily easy peasy little fellow. Please please, be kind to yourself and give this a shot. It will knock your socks off. Blow your mind off. Make you jump with glee. You will be impressed with yourself. Grateful to me. Giggle with sillies. Preen with pride. But surely, you will end up drunk. Read more

Lazy Holiday Pasta with Roasted Tomato and String Beans

I had to share this with you immediately. Just finished eating a big bowlful of this awesome pasta and the thought of  writing about it makes me want to run right back and finish the meager portion that is remaining. Read more

Coffee Walnut Tart

You know I have a bit of a pie mania. And a walnut craze. And a bit of a maple fixation. And while baking a sticky toffee pudding, the buttery caramel I discovered now has a way of entering my recipes somehow. Read more

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