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Whole wheat crepes with a creamy spinach-mushroom filling and cinnamon scented peaches

You know the way there are people who remember the very first date with the person they married? The place, the music, the ambience, the food..all become special. So it is with pancakes for me. I have a real big mushy soft spot for pancakes. They were my very first foray into the world of cooking at the age 6 or so... and remain a bit of magic for me. Everything about crepes spells nostalgia …reminding me of the kitchen at my childhood home in Delhi with its blue tiles, my moms precious and then new frying pan, the marble of the kitchen counter with its grey veins, the dining table chair that I stood on as I cooked, the old fork with its old fashioned engraving (one out of the 3 we owned), the ceramic white plates with the brown print near the outer ring… faded and aged memories, lovingly stored and brought out for a walk across time, every single time I make pancakes. Read more

Quick healthy dinner – Sweet potato hash with runny eggs

Dinner is anyways a bit of a haphazard meal at our place with all the comings and goings, no carb, low-fat, high protein and many other ideas for a healthy life floating around. After much deliberation, I have decided that dinners at our house MUST be delicious, surprising, satisfying but light. Unfortunately by the time its evening, much enthusiasm has drained and along with all the deliberated resolve. If only self restraint was one of my virtues. Alas!! Read more

7 steps to the Perfect Roast Chicken

While chicken is not my favourite meat by any standards, I love me a good roast chicken. With the health conscious, kukad loving Atul around and an ongoing effort to eat low carb for dinner, chicken often features on our dinner menu. At home or out, the Punju in the boy asks for chicken. Every. single. time. And so it happens that many a chef has probably, but hopefully not, spat into our order and muttered in frustration; waiter has cursed and co-diners have cringed at how finicky I am about the way I need my chicken done. My excuse is that far more often than not, restaurants serve up tasteless dry leather and call it chicken.. So much so, that roast chicken is one of the dishes I would much rather eat at home than out. Read more

Pesto Pasta and a nostalgic picnic in Mumbai

I love birthdays. Each year.. year after year. I secretly count the days, covertly remind all of the upcoming event, imagine surprise-making conspiracies around me and make sly under-cover gift suggestions to all around. There.. its out in the open. (While we are at it, I will also unburden myself about my cheesy romance fixation…I enjoy Rom-coms and even read Mills and Boons. Yes, with all my feminist leanings and urban cynic standing, I absolutely enjoy them… my heart thumps, I cry and I smile at all the right places too. There you are, I have said it now. Judge me if you will ).

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The Spice Bread Rises – In a swirl of orange and cinnamon

Another guest post by Meryl the self-confessed bread un-lover. Now obviously that is more than I can digest. Even if it’s the last thing I do, I have made a solemn promise to the God of breads that this little girl is soon going to be a fellow bread worshipper. So did the orange cinnamon bread convert her? Hmmm … let’s just say I spied someone quietly wolfing down some homemade bread instead of rice for lunch yesterday!!
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