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Of Accidents and Cheese

Sometimes the best things happen by accident, when you wander off from well-made plans and stumble onto ones infinitely better. And so it was that just as we were winding up our mini vacation to Coonnoor, we chanced upon this lovely farm-stay in a beautiful valley. Read more

Deep, earthy, creative and subtle – the spirit of Sarson ka saag

Makkai ki roti, sarson ka saag, gud aur piyaz. That has to be the point of winter

One of the reasons that God made winter. Makkai ki roti, sarson ka saag, gud aur piyaz. (Cornmeal flatbread, Mustard greens, Jaggery and Onions).

You know its kind of strange that of all the communities in this world, I ended up marrying a Punjabi. My childhood was  a strange relationship with the Punju community.  A love-curiosity-disdain mix. Jealous disdain probably because all my Punju school mates had so much more fun than I did with my convent school-catholic-well brought up mallu self did. Read more

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