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The Konkan Foodie Road Trip – Sign up for this incredible food venture

The more I travel, the more I feel there’s too little time and too many places to go to. So many things to eat and such little stomach space. I love Mumbai but my hearts fickle. Scattered in the many places I’ve been to, longing for the many places I haven’t. In love with the food I know, craving for the food I don’t. Ingredients, traditions, foods waiting to be found, loved, learnt, experienced.

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Onam sadya recipes – Documenting heirlooms


Priti eating her sadya. Clockwise from top left – Cabbage Thoran, Sambar on rice, Avial, Tender mango pickle, Ghee on gunpowder chutney, Ginger and jaggery coated banana chips, banana chips, Theeyal, Inji curry, Kalan, Olan, Beetroot Pachchadi, Mallu pappadam

Each year, when Onam arrives we (I along with Meryl and now Sheryl since she has been here in Mumbai) talk endlessly about all the food we will eat and then when the day arrives, lazily lament the loss of good old home cooking, deride ourselves for not having planned better, make half hearted attempts to find a sadya in Mumbai, scramble into a set sari or atleast salwar kameez, play act at being mallu girls with mullapoo in their hair, try to haul ourselves to a sadya anywhere nearabouts that has a table free, inevitably feel disappointed at what (if we do) we manage to eat and spend much of the day in one long session of reminiscing good old days when we would just go to our ancestral home with our parents and stuff our faces till we could just lie back like beached whales. Yep, we are rather proactive like that. Read more

Nostalgia and Kaddu ki khatti meethi sabzi


I find that most of my quests around food date back to something I dreamt of or tasted in my childhood. Infact don’t we spend much of our adult life recreating or searching for themes from our childhood? This dish for me, quintessential UP fare, is my way of bringing back all those afternoons and holidays I spent at Sharma aunty’s house.

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Some rooting and my favourite Mutton Curry

IMG_0247There are some days for me when NOTHING hits the spot like a really good Indian curry. Not a generic add an MDH masala curry but the real deal. Made from scratch. Like a good fish curry. Mom style. Red, fiery, coconutty, tangy…with shiny curry leaves, crackling mustard seeds and plenty of spice.

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Mutton Belli Ram and Butter Naan – Enough said.

I’m going to cut to the chase here. Really there is nothing to be said except – this is probably one of the best Indian mutton dishes out there. The technique is unique, hard to screw up and plain genius. But then, why wouldn’t it be? Its Jiggs Kalras favourite recipe and he is the biggest star of Punju, nay, cooking there ever was. Maybe the original Indian celebrity chef even. Far before the likes of Sanjeev Kapoor, Tarla Dalal started popping out of the woodwork offering a mix of pseudo continental and accessible Indian recipes by the galore. Read more

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