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Easy does Yum 3 – Instant Baked Potatos with Creamy Scrambled Eggs

I LOVE mashed potatoes but then who doesn’t? On the other hand, I have never been much impressed with baked potatoes..till recently when I had one at the Indigo Cafe in Andheri. Holy Moly… it was incredible. The sour cream dripping over the moist, fluffy potatoes were so good, they totally overshadowed the fabulous pulled pork burger which, by the way, is to die for in the first place. (So much so, that even as I type this, Atul who is peering over my shoulder, threatens to start a rival blog dedicated to his beloved burger) Read more

Crazy for Bacon Chilli Caramel Popcorn

I don’t really know why but there seems to be something about boys and caramel pop-corn. Don’t get me wrong.. I know enough girls who like caramel popcorn but the boys I know are crazy about this stuff. Stark raving crazy. They will actually go watch a film JUST to eat the caramel popcorn. And actively check their mental rating sheet on which theatre serve the best stuff. And choose a film based on the theater that serves the corn they like. And this is film-makers I am talking about. Like I said. Craaazy. for caramel popcorn I mean. Ahem. Read more

Citrusy Roasted Plum Cake

I HATE plum cakes. Growing up as a Catholic means that I was brought up on the ritual of family baking during christmas, churning out masses and masses of cake. The house would fill with the baking aroma for days, starting with parents soaking jars and jars of fruits in rum, dad cracking dozens of eggs into a pail, mum caramelising the sugar over the hot stove in Delhi winters, and the best part – having the house to ourselves when the parents were away at the bakery -to come back hours later with endless kilos of plum cakes. Maybe it’s that I hated was having to go to tens of neighbours houses with plates of plum cakes. Or maybe its that the typical christmas cakes with their spicey-sour-fruityness are not my thing – atleast on anyday other than the day they were baked. As plum cakes go, I attest that my mums were the very best. It’s that plums cakes are just not my thing. Read more

Basil And lemon Scented Sweet Corn Pancakes

Now that I cook and blog through life, sunday mornings are lie-in, slow-to-start days. As opposed to earlier when weekends were when I satisfied my weeklong craving to cook and bake, and so weekends meant marathon cooking sessions, I now look to put together something simple but fun enough for Sundays. Large greasy english breakfasts are welcome, eggs benedict’s and waffles are a staple. This Sunday, having hoarded a big lot of sweet corn, wanting to use it up but also have something fun, I adapted one of the recent recipes I had noticed on the Smitten Kitchen blog to make it healthier (more whole wheat) and fragrant (basil and lemon). And then proceeded to contradict that by smothering it in loads of butter and honey before gorging it all up! Try it.. Read more

Whole wheat crepes with a creamy spinach-mushroom filling and cinnamon scented peaches

You know the way there are people who remember the very first date with the person they married? The place, the music, the ambience, the food..all become special. So it is with pancakes for me. I have a real big mushy soft spot for pancakes. They were my very first foray into the world of cooking at the age 6 or so... and remain a bit of magic for me. Everything about crepes spells nostalgia …reminding me of the kitchen at my childhood home in Delhi with its blue tiles, my moms precious and then new frying pan, the marble of the kitchen counter with its grey veins, the dining table chair that I stood on as I cooked, the old fork with its old fashioned engraving (one out of the 3 we owned), the ceramic white plates with the brown print near the outer ring… faded and aged memories, lovingly stored and brought out for a walk across time, every single time I make pancakes. Read more

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